China Lake, CA, Pt.Mugu, CA

Position Description

This is a public notice flyer to notify interested applicants of anticipated vacancies. Applications will not be accepted through this flyer. Interested applicants must follow the directions in the "How to Apply" section of this flyer to be considered. There may or may not be actual vacancies filled from this flyer. Notice of Result letters will not be sent to applicants who respond to this flyer.

Position Duties/Responsibilities

  • You will serve as an Industrial Engineer under the Quality Assurance and Safety Office.
  • You will review technical data packages and make improvements.
  • You will implement configuration management procedures to ensure consistency of configurations throughout lifecycle.
  • You will conduct production audits to identify areas for improvement and ensure compliance.
  • You will provide comprehensive technical support.
  • You will develop and maintain operation of quality control systems.
  • You will analyze operations (e.g., surface mount technology, automated optical inspection, AS9100 operations), design workflows, and production processes to reduce loss along the way, while still meeting customer needs.
  • You will work with department management and division management to maximize productivity and reduce wastefulness in the production process.

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